Friday, 04/08/11

CrossFit Games Standard Push-Ups
Double unders

Post minimum reps from the eight sets for each exercise to comments.


JC said...

Double Down Friday:

Had a few WODs to make up this week, so I did two today:

WOD 1: CF Games WOD 11.3 - Squat Clean and Jerk

18 rounds @ 95lbs.

WOD 2: Nancy w/ long legs

17:48 @ 65lbs.

Chris M said...

I made up yesterday's WOD (albeiet very slowly).
PUs (unbroken)
lunges (no issues)
KTEs (very ugly and more like leg raises)
DUs (I did them all, but this definitely slowed me down as I can't string them together still)
Gym Loops (always fun)

Good WOD to roll into the weekend with.

Jake, the morning crew is lost without you there. Nobody knows how to work the clock, especially for a tabata!

Pauly D said...

JC- great work kid

ErinM said...

Jumping Lunges: 14
Sit-ups: 12
Squats: 14
Russian twists: 22

Jumping lunges at the start killed me. I'm still not walking right.

Kingsley said...

Redid WOD 11.3 - Finished with 20 rounds + 1 Squat Clean.

Watched Annie do WOD 11.3 completing 6 rounds + 1 Squat Clean and ACE knocked out WOD 11.3 completing 13 rounds + 1 Squat Clean.

Great Job!!!

10 said...

Did Tabata WOD. No Idea what the numbers were but noticed a huge drop from first RD to last. Oh By the way, going from 8 RDS of Squats to DUs was a humbling experience. Gravity won that battle...Stupid Gravity!

Matt said...


Push-ups: 10
Squats: 17
Sit-ups: 12
Double-unders: 10

2001 A-Man said...

Push-ups: 6
Squats: 13
Sit-ups: 11
Double-unders: 10