Thursday, 04/14/11

CrossFit Games Open WOD 11.4

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
60 Bar-facing burpees
30 Overhead squats (120lbs / 100lbs)
10 Muscle-ups

There are very explicit instructions for this WOD.  Please go here to review the instructions PRIOR to coming for the WOD.

For those of you who are officially competing in the games, we will judge your rounds with the 0530 crew. If you are doing the WOD for fun but not entering results into the CrossFit games database, then there is no need to use a judge when you perform the WOD.

Every rep counts in this workout. Credit will be given for partially completed rounds. You will enter your result by the number of rounds completed, plus the number of bar-facing burpees, plus the number of overhead squats, plus the number of muscle-ups in the final round (if incomplete). If you do not complete the first round, enter 0 for rounds and then the number of completed reps of each exercise.

WOD Demo with Cherie Chan - video [wmv] [mov]


Neal said...

Knocked out 11.4 this morning. Burpees went great. OHS? Not so much. Anyways, did the 60 burpees and managed only 11 OHS so I’m a prime target for all you Black and Gold Ninjas! Judee chop!

And good luck to all you Sandhurst Rangers this weekend...Beat the Brits!

C V said...

0 rnds w/ 5 mu. Knocked it out today in the lovely Ft Lewis mist. Finished the first two parts with 4:10 left, but could only manage five muscle ups.

Adam said...

60 burpees, 30 OHS (@ 65#), 0 MU.

Great work by those who were going as RX'ed on this one.

SG said...

60 burpees

Also did 30 OHS, but they don't count (0 at 120, 5 at 95, and 25 at 65)

Thanks JWM and Adam for pushing me on the burpees.

JWM said...

Hit WOD 11.4 as well...
60 burpees + 19 OHS as Rx'd

I also set up the rings as an optimistic thought before starting the WOD. Is there any credit for that?

Thanks so SG who burned through the bar-facing-burpees and gave me a huge push.

Neal, you might have to knock it out again to continue raining down victory!

Kingsley said...

I am not going to be able to get this one today, but Annie and I will be doing it tomorrow at around 1100. I know that I can do the burpees, I know that I can do the OHS at Rx, but I am not as big an optimist with the MUs. I guess that we will see tomorrow......

Good job to those who knocked it out today!!!

Kingsley said...

By the way, JWM, you get a high zero for the optimism....

jswobe said...

60 burpees, 15 OHS (@ 95 lbs)

19:05 to finish the whole thing
(w/ 30 pull ups & 30 dips subbed for muscle ups)

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Matt said...


As Rx'd: 60 burpees, 30 OHS, 3 MU

I took jswobe's lead and finished in 12:45.

I finished the burpees with just over 4 minute's left. I finished the squats with about 1:30 left.