Saturday, 04/09/11 - Sunday, 04/10/11

Rest days. If you are part of the Black & Gold team for the 2011 CrossFit Games Open don't forget to submit your scores for WOD 11.3.


Neal said...

Sorry for the late post this week, but knocked out 11.3 this morning...did 14 rounds + 1 squat clean.

Great efforts there by Kingsley (you've got me twice now!) and Dan, especially. Still lookin for scores from some other studs like JWM, SG, Mac, Sodak, Bobby Z and others. Get excited! I wanna see 15+ rounds from each of you...c’mon…right now! You got this.

Adam said...

I wasn't able to do a squat clean with 165 lbs, so I guess my run at CF Games champion is coming to an end. Shame they won't let you submit a 0 for a WOD and still continue.

Best of luck to everyone else still in the running!

JWM said...

Wow, finally knocked this one out with SG this morning. That weight was no joke!

Just like the good 'ol days, I have been humbled by Neal!

4 rounds + 1 squat clean

Tried a couple of times to get that last jerk but it was a bridge too far!

Amazing work by Neal and Kings! Also awesome effort on this one by ACE!

If you have not posted scores, make sure you do it today so we can keep it going!

SG said...

0 rounds + 1 squat clean

That one rep took everything I had, and JWM had to painfully watch all my missed attempts at a jerk. Just too much weight for me at this point.

Thanks for setting up the weights JWM. It was fun doing the WOD in the neighborhood, and that was probably the only thing "fun" about 11.3.

Anonymous said...

NM, I can't take the callouts anymore! I got surgery on the 31st on my knee and I'm slowly returning back into shape. I'll be back before you know it!