Monday, 04/11/11

We will meet at Shea Stadium for this one.  Head down to the track for your warm-up and get ready to enjoy some fresh air for a change!

4 rounds for time:
30 double unders
Run 400m

Rest exactly 1 minute between rounds.

Post times for each round and total time to comments.

Compare to 11/08/10 (with gym loops) or 07/05/10 (with run first and no rest).


SG said...


Good to be back, and good to see those who made it down to Shea this morning.

JWM said...


1:56, 1:52, 1:58, 2:19

DUs were not good for me this morning!

Missed the Guppies out there this morning.

Awesome progress on the DUs from Ben, Mike, and Sean! Blazng effort by SG and loved chasing after Adam all morning.

Adam said...


1:48; 2:02; 2:01; 2:01

I was fairly consistent on the last few laps which is nice, unforutnately I couldn't up my tempo on the run. DUs were unbroken on 1st & 4th round, but the run turned into more of a brisk jog.

Chris M said...

16:52. The DUs crushed my time. I finished the WOD as Rx'd but it took me a long time to do each of the 30 DUs.

10 said...

Did this one up at Arvin this AM. Sub'd in the Supt/Comm Loop (500m)for the 400m on the track.


Finished better on the DU's than I started.

10 said...

To Clarify that is 12:48 After subtracting the 3 min of rest. I wish I could knock out the whole thing in 12:48 including the rest but that may have to wait for another day...or lifetime.

ErinM said...


Could be embarassing - but I'll look on the bright side - I finished all the double unders and its the first WOD Rxed in a long time. Decided I needed to start really early in order to finish my double unders in time. Also, forgot to rest a minute in between, so did everything straight through.

Pauly D said...

17:55 including rest. DU's done in 62 room and ran Supt/Comm loop.

Anonymous said...

john de la chapelle, class of 2015, coppell, TX

as RXd: 14:27

unbroken DUs at first, got sloppy with form afterwards
the 400s could have been faster but my legs were shot

did WOD after a 2 mile ruck with 30lb pack and 12.5lb dumbbell for rifle in 25 mins

Matt said...


Total: 11:06

2:03, 2:00, 2:03, 2:00

At least I stayed consistent.

Kingsley said...


I really did not keep splits, but felt pretty good on DUs. I do wish that I have been faster on the laps though.

sdc said...

11:05 with gym loops instead of 400m runs.

Dan said...

13:02 (including rest time)

DUs went unbroken in rounds 1,2 & 4. Run is my goat.

Great WOD.

JC said...

10:11 on the Stony II Track

1:51, 1:48, 1:54, 1:38

2001 A-Man said...

Sam, Brian, and I did "Fight Gone Bad" (I think that's what it's called.)

Thanks for the push, fellas!

Anonymous said...

A few days behind everyone on getting this WOD done, but...


1:43, 1:50, 1:52, 1:52

Might have taken this one a little fast on the first lap, but it all evened out in the end.