Monday, 11/08/10

4 rounds for time:
30 double unders
Run gym loop
Rest exactly 1 minute between rounds

Post time for each round and/or total time to comments

If you cannot do double unders, do 4:1 substitution for single unders (12 single unders per round)

If you do not have a jump rope you can substitute tuck jumps instead


Neal said...

Big shout out to Black & Gold CF for your ninja-like performance against AF this weekend! I may or may not have checked the site like 147 times for the results (yes, I'm addicted). Great work by all...wish I could've been there to knock out the WODs with you and cheer you on!

Also, congrats to the Class of 2011 on your branches! Can't wait to work with you out there in the Big Army.

Aight, get after it this guys are my heroes.


Randothezoomie said...

12:46 as Rxed
Erin finally got me... That was long overdue. Need to work on DUs

SG said...


The one minute break makes a huge difference in terms of maintaining intensity. Great addition to the WOD we did earlier in the fall JWM.

JWM said...

10:08 ar Rx'd
Round 1 - 1:37
Round 2 - 1:38
Round 3 - 1:48
Round 4 - 2:05

The minute of rest really helped me keep a higher intensity during the work intervals. I still broke down pretty hard in that last round.

Rando - step 1, bring your new jump rope with you EVERY morning. We can start working them on warm-ups and cool-downs.

Adam said...

11:10 as RX'ed.

DUs were rocking, but Gym Loop through me for a loop. My first one I cut it short a floor, so had to go all the way to the top on round 2...which really sucked!


MikeRothenb said...


still gotta polish up the double-unders a little.

Anonymous said...

11:42 (rnd 1- 1:58, rnd 2- 2:12, rnd 3- 2:12, rnd 4- 2:17).

This was a smoker, with that 1 minute break really allowing you to maintain intensity on the runs. And I'm convinced the stairs offer light-weight crossfitters an unfair advantage.

Brian said...

5 rounds for time
15 DL @ 225lbs
20 box jumps @ 24"
25 Pull ups

Time: 24 minutes flat

*Kipping pull ups are good for power-- but need to work on butterfly to quicken pace

-from semester 'abroad' at RMC

Kings said...

11:11 as Rxed. (2:00, 2:02, 2:03, 2:06)

DUs had a much better showing today.

I agree with Mac. You lighter guys make me angry!!

JWM said...

Mac and Kings...allow us to revel in these days because as soon as we add weight you go embarassing us again!

jswobe said...


1 - 2:12
2 - 2:28
3 - 2:47
4 - 2:51

BRTRC -- People, Technology, Excellence
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

ErinM said...

12:24 (4 to 1 substitute with single unders)

Caught and passed the zoomie.

Yay for workouts for light cross-fitters!

ErinM said...

12:24 (4 to 1 substitute with single unders)

Caught and passed the zoomie.

Yay for workouts for light cross-fitters!

baby huey said...

deadlift work at mwr followed by

four rounds
1200 m row with 2 min rest after each round.

26 min (rest included)

rhett said...

12 minutes

I'm with Rando, gotta work on the DUs.

Anonymous said...

11:34 as Rx'd. I had to sprint all out to make up for my timely jump tucks. took forever to come down.