Thursday, 11/18/10

For time:
Run 5k

Compare to 09/30/10
0530 crew: bring your reflective belt and we'll run to Lee Gate and back.

Post time to comments


ErinM said...

20:30 - PR by a lot!

MikeRothenb said...

10 seconds more than last time. I blame it on the front squats!

JWM said...

20:45 (tied PR from last April)

Awesome job by ErinM this morning. Kept trying to reel her in but could not make it happen.

Great jobs by MikeRothenb, SWG, Tex, and Adam as well. Y'all make me feel slow!

Adam said...

20:15 - PR by 9 seconds & first time wearing the Vibram's for 5K time.

Some day I will catch up to the stallions and their sub-20 times!!

SG said...

We're going to call that a PR because I don't have a benchmark in the comment archives.
To all those new CrossFitters out there...we post to comments because CrossFit exercises have this amazing attribute of always being measurable. Posting does not exist to see who "wins" or beats out the other athletes. Posting exists to help you track your progress over time. Don't be like me and not post until you are a year into your CrossFit experience. It'll help you see your improvement, and also motivate you to keep at it!

Tex said...


Off my PR by 2:13, but that was 4 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Catching up on yesterday's WOD:

Front Squat-95, 135, 185, 205, 225
Weighted PU-25, 35, 45, 50(f), 45

No PRs. Had a good time working with some frustrated DU-learners in the post-formation group. Don't give up, and slow down your cadence! It'll come.

Matt said...


This is the third time I've done my 5km route, but I can't find my other two times.


jswobe said...


Actual 5K route this time, so I would call that a true time...

(posting a day late...)

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