Friday, 11/05/10

We will not have CrossFit Friday this week.  Instead, I want to encourage all of you to come watch a team from USAFA and a team from USMA work out together.  They will be working out up in Hayes for time and it should be a pretty good WOD. 

The WOD they are doing is:
3 rounds for time
25 Double unders
1 rope climb to shelf (15’)
1 lap with medicine ball
1 lap with baton
½ lap with nothing
15 pull-ups

If you are available in the afternoon, come back to the '62 room to watch the afternoon workout as well.

Come support Army on this and Beat Air Force!

Also, for those of you who are dying to get your hands on a Black & Gold CrossFit shirt, I will have them available for a special price of $20 each.


Randothezoomie said...

Hmmm sounds a lot like parts from an IOCT... It'll be sweet to smoke the Army fellas on a workout you all do regularly. See you in the AM!! Beat Army, Rest.

JWM said...

Some awesome performances out there this morning! Well done to the athletes from Air Force and Army. If you missed out this morning, come support the teams at 1630 this afternoon.

Randothezoomie said...

That didn't go quite as planned... Rope climbs and DUs with the help of Asbestos in good ol' Hayes seemed to hurt us a lot. Props to Tex on a smokin fast time! I'm sure his semester of Xfit at USAFA got him the ability to do it. My time was 11:26 (I think?). Great job everyone on a smoker of a WOD! See you all in the PM!

Tex said...

Great job by everyone this morning. It was great to see familiar faces from my semester at USAFA.
as rx'd 8:51. Rando, don't sell yourself short, your time was 11:25. See you in the PM.

Anonymous said...

Great showing this morning by both teams. DUs and rope climbs can definitely make you or break you, but the visitors managed to power through. Army's looking good, though, and I'm hoping for some redemption after last year!

After watching all that pain this morning, I had to go hurt myself a little. Did yesterday's WOD, as Rx'd, 7:30. Stayed at 75 lbs in search of intensity...and I found it. Ouch.

Matt said...


I did "Barbara" today. Not close to my PR, but pretty consistent except for the 4th round.

3:27, 3:34, 3:36, 3:52, 3:37

jswobe said...

I'm sorry I was unable to enjoy an opportunity to take part in an IOCT-esque WOD. Sounds like it was about as enjoyable as the 'ol IOCT itself...

I did CF's "Lumberjack 20" today. Wow.


Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Kings said...

I also did the Lumberjack 20 as Rxed with gym loops in place of 400m. That was a tough workout. Tried and failed to keep up with COL Byers. She was moving out.

Finished in 25:06.

Tex said...

Here's to everyone who came out for the Black and Blue CF competition. A huge amount of work went into getting everything organized and making the event run smoothly. If you see JWM, SG, Kseki, JJ and the dozen or so other NCOs and officers who helped make this all happen, tell them thank-you. Without them it wouldn't have happened. Also, if you see any of the Army or Air Force competitors, give them a pat on the back. Everyone gave all that they had in both WODs. I hope that this tradition continues, because these last two years have been an awesome opportunity to work hard and grind through a tough workout with our sister service. Thanks again to everyone.

Oh, yeah. Army won this year. It's tied up 1-1 now, so USAFA will have to step it up next year on their home turf. It's coming!

Mark R said...

B&G - wish I could've been there to see the competition go down. After sucking down the altitude at AFA last year I hope you crushed the workouts!

Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

Great job Army! I can only imagine that your victory in the gym of friendly strife will be catalyst that pushes the Army Football team to victory on Saturday!

Keep training hard!