Saturday, 11/06/10 - Sunday, 11/07/10

Rest days for the awesome athletes who competed in the Black & Blue workouts against Air Force. Army managed to edge out Air Force this year so the series is tied 1-1. We look forward to going back to altitude next year to notch up another win. Training for that starts Monday!
Both teams after the Chipper WOD

When you see Tex, please congratulate him on hosting an awesome Black & Blue CrossFit event. He put in a lot of time developing workouts, coordinating with our Air Force brothers and sisters, and moving over, through and around any obstacle that tried to stop the event from taking place.

Thanks also to a great contingent from Air Force.  Their officers and NCOs were integral in making the event happen.  Their cadets showed up, competed hard, and strengthened the bonds between our two services.

Another big thanks is in order for the people who volunteered to come judge the events and ensure that it ran smoothly.

Finally, for those of you who missed the Friday WOD, you can make it up over the weekend.  Here it is:

3 rounds for time
25 Double unders
1 rope climb to shelf (15’)
1 lap with medicine ball
1 lap with baton
½ lap with nothing
15 pull-ups

Post time and status of your lungs to comments


Randothezoomie said...

On behalf of the Zoomies, I want to say thanks for a great time and great crossfit environment. The competition and team style made the workout enjoyable for all the competitors. I know the Air Force guys and gals who competed had an awesome time, and are very thankful for you're hospitality and friendly competition. Back to altitude next year!

Randothezoomie said...