Monday, 11/15/10

0530 crew will meet in Hayes Gym

For time:
15' rope ascent/descent


Post time to comments

Max reps in two minutes of double-unders


Brian said...

Question: any cert 1 coming to WP this AY year?

JWM said...

9:34 as rx'd

Bonus round: 86 DUs

Ropes started to take a toll at the end!

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Brian - We do not currently have a cert scheduled but there is a possibility of scheduling one in the spring of 2011.

SG said...

13:55 as rx'd
Bonus round: 94 DUs
I can't feel my arms.

Adam said...

21:14 as rx'd

Bonus round 84 DUs.

My legs will be raw for a while... the disadvantage of using the grape vine technique to climb.

ErinM said...

10:35 as Rx'd

Bonus: run the 1st half of the IOCT for warm-up, then the 2nd half when you finish the rope climbs

Anonymous said...

11:58. Good Monday WOD, and awesome videos of the B&G Competition. Motivates me for the rest of the week!

Matt said...


I only have a homemade rope and I can only hang it from 10'. I did rounds of 2-3-4-6-8 for the rope climb. On my set of 8 I had to stop using my feet so I wouldn't loose too much skin on my legs.


Bonus round. It was either 62 or 72. I forgot. Regardless, it was less than my PR of 90.

Adam said...

I just checked out the B&B CF videos, very nice work for both the competitors and the video/sound editting.

Glad to see that the near dislocated arm muscle up wasn't featured!!

jswobe said...


No rope for climbing, so did towel pull-ups instead. NOT THE SAME... Ended up with a combo of towel PUs, PUs, and chins. Not good.

Bonus round: 71 DUs

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Kings said...

Could not get into the gym during the time I had so I did Helen instead. 10:19 as rxed.
3 rounds of:
Gym loop
21 Kb swings 55 lbs.
12 pull ups.

Good fun. A little slow, but I had a casualty. My shorts saw their last day. About 1 round in, I heard a tearing sound but powered through the workout.

I will do the 12 minute AMRAP tomorrow.

jodi said...

I have no idea if I can do a rope climb, so I did the Bear Complex:
45, 55, 65, 65, 65
It was a beast!

See you this week...promise!