Thursday, 11/11/10

Happy Veteran's Day

If you are looking for a Hero WOD that you can do after the shoulder beating we took the past two days, try this one:

Three rounds for time
Run 800 meters
50 back extensions
50 sit-ups

As another alternative, a couple of us are going to run to the ski slope with dogs.  It is about a 4.8 mile hill run so should be fun.

Enjoy the day off of classes

Post your workout choice and details to comments


Tex said...

Where and when is the ski slope run starting?

Adam said...

If anyone is interested in the ski slope run, let's meet at 0830 on the corner by the Comm's house (where we start the 5K).

I hope to see some folks there.

JWM said...

My dog and I will be there at 0830. It will be a long run for both of us.

Adam said...

39:10 for Mason (dog) and I.
20:57 to the turn around point (radio tower at top of the ski slope)
18:13 for return trip.

The route starts at the Comm's House, run towards Catholic Chapel, left on Stony Lonesome, up the hill by Lusk Resevior, past Michie Stadium towards the PX, at the top, turn right towards the PX, go towards the CDC, make left on paved trail between baseball fields and CDC, follow paved trail for about 1 mile until you get to the big radio tower at the top. The last 400 m before the turn around point are really tough!! Touch the fence at the base of the radio tower and run back the way you came. The radio tower is the tallest part on West Point, so if you look around and see higher ground, you've obviously not gone to the really big radio tower!!

JWM said...

39:44 for Chief and I
21:17 to the top
18:27 to the bottom

My calves are smoked but the dog is behaving well today! It was fun chasing Adam and Mason the whole way.

Randothezoomie said...

About 1:38 on the ruck. Happy Veterens Day! Thanks to all you who've served/are serving (esp. those who've deployed)!

Matt said...


I took Monday through Wednesday off, so I did Tuesday's WOD today (OHS and Burpees). As Rx'd.


ErinM said...

Rando - how did you get 1:38 on the ruck? That was what my time was and I finished before you by some distance!

What a beautiful morning for meandering (read: ruck running) around West Point's campus.