Wednesday, 11/03/10

This WOD is modified from a CFNE WOD

1 round for time:
20 burpees
30 power cleans (135, 95)
40 double unders
50 Sumo-deadlift high pulls (45 lb bar)

You will need to clear your own power clean bar prior to starting your 50 SDHP.

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Stroh's Lite said...

9:04 as RX'd

I did this one the night before (Tues) solo in the MWR gym.

It was wonderfully demoralizing.

I did strict form burpees and the 135# cleans were difficult to do straight through. Had to break it up in sets of 10 - serious grip killer. Great WOD!

JWM said...

8:11 as Rx'd

Grip definitely felt this one. DUs were a challenge after the power cleans and the SDHP were a suck just to push through.

Adam said...

11:24 with 85 lbs for cleans. Thanks for the push SG, JWM, and Tex.

Great WOD, quite the smoker!

ErinM said...


55 lbs on Power Cleans.
4 Single unders for the DUs.

Could have done more weight on the power cleans.

Tex said...

as rx'd

SDHPs were just a suck fest at the end for grip and heart. I wonder how the original 500m row would have felt.

Kings said...

6:46 as Rxed.

Grip was gone at SDHPs so I did them as fast as I could to get through the set.

Was the 500m row at the end of the workout from CFNE ot before and after? Either way that would have been a tough way to finish.

Chris said...

Deadlift WOD from earlier in the week.
275,295,315,345,355(old PR),365(PR)

Matt said...


10:47 as Rx'd

High volume oly lifts absolutely destroy me. Talk about a goat.

Pauly D said...

My boys do work son.

Mac said...

The crapiness of my DUs is directly related to the exhaustion of my forearms. That was an example of really bad DUs.

Nick B said...


Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Kings, AWESOME time man! The CFNE WOD had the row piece only at the end but it was an actual C2 row rather than the SDHP sub.

jswobe said...


95 lbs on the power cleans

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Kings said...

Thanks. COL Byers gave me a great push through the workout & DUs weren't as bad as usual.

I may try the workout again another time with the row. I would be interested how that one would feel.

baby huey said...


Finished with 3500m row for cooldown