Friday, 11/12/10

"95lb Suck"

21-18-15-12-9 rep rounds for time of:
hang power clean
front squat
push press / push jerk

As the name suggests, you use the same bar for all exercises set for 95lbs. This one hurts so make sure you scale appropriately. If you are new to CrossFit, try 55 or 65 lbs. Trust me, the weight will be plenty and you'll get smoked. If you've been around a while but your not doing the WODs as Rx'd yet, go for 75lbs. And for those that are Rx'ing the WODs, go for 95lbs and prepare to suck. Come mentally prepared and we'll have a good time.

***Sorry to the early morning crew.  I accidentally added a 6 and 3 rep round on the white board***

Compare to 1/21/10


Anonymous said...

I was wondering when this little gem was going to come back to bite us. Looking forward to tomorrow.

And remember, 21 DLs, then 21 HPCs, then 21 Front Squat, then 21 PP, and then move on to 18s.

jswobe said...

Awesome. Looking forward to this one...

MikeRothenb said...

did the 75lb suuuck


long week, very glad the weekend is here.

It was a good week of programming, a large variety, but a focus on shoulders, which is what I need.
Have a good weekend.

JWM said...

I also did the 75# suck

28:24 with a 6 rep and a 3 rep bonus round.

My bad to the early morning crew for adding 12% more work to the WOD with those last two rounds.


Adam said...

I did the 65 lb. suck and something tells me I must have skipped from 18 to 12 or something, because my time of 26:05 is faster than it probably should be. I need a better counting system next time.

I did do the extra 6 & 3, which were a nice way to end the morning.

ErinM said...



It hurts to move right now.

24:12 with extra bonus rounds. 45 lb bar.

Anonymous said...

18:58, as Rx'd. How I did this a minute faster last time, I have no idea.

Matt said...


I did Wednesday's WOD today. Used chest to bar pullups.

4 rounds + 16 KBS

Bonus round: I set my count-down for 2:10 to make up for the transitions. It took me 3 rounds - 1:00, :50, :20.

rhett said...

23 minutes on the 75# suck with sets of 3 and 6.

jswobe said...


(probably could have done 65#)

Good fun!

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Anonymous said...

Hello from Ft. Carson, CO. Did the 95lb Suck in 24:30.

Congrats to the Black and Gold Crossfit for their win over Air Force!

Tex said...

IOCT today: 2:32*

I had to redo the vault because I did not touch it with both hands. Stupid mistake that added 3-5 seconds onto my time.

baby huey said...

95 lbs first two rounds. 75 lbs for remainder.


Matt said...


It is Saturday here in beautiful Hawaii. To be fair to everyone I did the 95lb Suck+. I kept the time for both Rx'd and the plus.

As Rx'd: 27:57
plus: 31:04