Wednesday, 11/24/10

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Deadlift (225/135)
Handstand push-ups

Compare to 07/27/10.

Cadets have a modified schedule tomorrow that includes a 0600 breakfast formation.  As a result, we will not be meeting as a big group at 0530.  Feel free to coordinate with pople in the comments so you can meet as a group.

Try to get this last WOD in before you head out for Turkey Day and enjoy the break.


JWM said...

SWG and I will be meeting at 0600 to knock out the WOD. Feel free to join us then.

Adam said...

I will be there around 0545 to warm up and start at 0600.

I deadlifted the 22 lbs. turkey to the fridge today.

MikeRothenb said...

Ill be there around 650-7

ErinM said...

I got staybacks and will be there at 0530.

ErinM said...

Awesome morning.

Car bomb - 4:28 with green band for pull-ups

Tabata Treadmill - I guess I seriously messed up on the incline based on my times compared to everyone else's (I thought I had set it high enough) - 6 min mile pace

Double unders - I got my first DUs this morning!

JWM said...

Did the first two rounds on the wall and the last round on bands because my range-of-motion was getting pretty bad. We will call that one a PR for me.

Props to Kseki for running a crew through the filthy fifty this morning.

ErinM, great job with the DUs this morning.

MikeRothenb said...

4:37 with green/blue band combo

did the first 21 deadlifts unbroken, which felt great.

happy thanksgiving everyone!
safe travels

Adam said...

10:15 with 170 lbs. deadlift and green bands.

Matt said...


I thought kipping HSPU would be enough of a scale to improve my time, I was wrong. Deadlift was as rx'd. I should have used the bands or supported feet for the HSPU


Brian said...

Question: What's the policy at the USMA concerning five finger shoes? Bought a pair in Canada and never heard the word about policy at WP.

sdc said...

12:40 with 205#

happy thanksgiving

Stroh's Lite said...

The policy as of this semester at West Point is Vibram Five Fingers (VFF’s) ARE AUTHORIZED for wear with the APFU or "Gym A".

The VFF’s, like any minimalist footgear, are very functional for many CrossFit WOD’s, especially the olympic lifts and running. Users should start slowly and cautiously when training in the VFF’s or barefoot as overuse injuries may occur (you’ll be using muscles and tendons you haven’t felt in a while).

All styles of VFF's are considered athletic shoes and therefore meet the basic criteria of AR670-1. There is some debate among senior leaders who can dictate uniform policy writ large across the Army, but nothing official has been published... unless you consider the ArmyTimes "official" :

According to the regulation, the VFF (and/or any athletic shoe) must be worn with a white, athletic, ankle covering sock, that bears no logo.

Injinji makes a toe sock that works very well with the VFF. You must snip off the label, but it's minimal work. Other's have taken regular socks and cut off the lower portions to make it look like they're wearing socks with the VFF's. Weird and unusual technique to save $10, but I guess it technically meets the regulation.

If you see someone in APFU/Gym A wearing the VFF's without the socks, let them know they're "risking" the privilege for the rest of us. Then again (for non-cadets) you can always just PT in civies and it's not an issue.

Adam said...

Stroh's Lite for president.

VFF for vice president.

Mac said...

Waited too long to do this WOD in Arvin, and had to go to the MWR Gym. And, since I wouldn't want to be the guy to mark up their walls, I modified the WOD a bit: 21-15-9 225lb DL, 135lb push press.

7:40, and had to scale the push press to 115 after the first rnd.

And is it possible that Stroh's Lite is a tad bit passionate about his VFFs? Then, of course, anyone who wears the brown leather ones with non-workout attire must be...