Saturday, 11/27/10 - Sunday, 11/28/10

Rest Days.

Enjoy some recovery time or make up for missed WODs due to the holidays.  Either way, enjoy the rest of your break and get ready hit it again on Monday.

For those of you with access to a kitchen, notice the new "Meal of the Day" on the right side of the blog.  Each day it will post a new, paleo friendly meal for you to consider.

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Brian said...

Overhead squat - 3 sets x 5 reps at 105lbs. flexibility is an issue. lats are tight - cause arms to pull forward, distorts proper form. good depth and lumbar curve. stretchin x2 daily, so weight should start increasing.

-row 1k
-50 hang snatch (95#)
-50 push jerks (95#)
Time - 16:48 - brutal