Thursday, 11/25/10

Happy Thanksgiving!

Arvin is closed and most of you are spread across the country to enjoy turkey, family, and pumpkin pie.  As a result, we wanted to provide you will a little WOD you can do from anywhere with no equipment required (except a watch).  Here is a little tabata fun for you to enjoy.  It is guaranteed to reduce your level of guilt after the big feast.

"The Turkey Tabata"

Do eight rounds of 20 seconds work followed by ten seconds of rest for each exercise.  Your score is the lowest number of reps you complete in any of the eight rounds.  Rest 1 minute between exercises.

Post scores to comments between bites of pie.


Adam said...

I did a Dog WOD today - ran approximately 5 miles with my dog at about a 7:30 min pace.

I will do Turkey Tabata tomorrow..
Have a good one!

Matt said...


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. It is a beautiful Hawaii morning. The trades are blowing and the sun is shining. Since I had to get up to get the turkey cooking anyways, I did my workout in the morning. Tabatas always smoke me. I must admit, I gamed this one a little since we were doing traditional scoring and not cumulative scoring.

12, 16, 14, 6 = 48

ErinM said...

5k plus run.

On the way back, stop every 200-500m to do 10 burpees, squats, tuck jumps, lunges, push-ups, or sit-ups. Finish with 100 m of burpee broadjumps. Made the run fun and interesting.