Wednesday, 04/06/11

CrossFit Games Open WOD 11.3

AMRAP 5 minutes
Squat Clean and Jerk (165/110)

Please go here to watch the WOD instructions video BEFORE you come to the WOD [mov] [wmv]

There is also a demo video with Pat Sherwood and Heather Bergeron performing the WOD [mov] [wmv]

If you do not want to complete the Games WOD, then you can continue to do technique work on squat clean and jerk without a clock and with a weight that is most suitable for you.


yeoj_annekcm said...

I've got a question about this method of programming and Crossfit in general. Why do Crossfit programs/websites only post the WODS the morning before? Why dont they plan it out and post the whole week so that you could plan extra workouts to work on your goats around it? I do see that maybe it would lead people to shy away from workouts they dont like to do or plan around them, but for someone committed to crossfitting, having a week long plan could potentially be very benefitial when you could safely supplement Crossfit with some kind of strength, or whatever workout. Just something I was thinking about.

Adam said...

20 reps with 95#, had to scale down.

Great job by some beasts there this morning going as RX'd!

Looks like MAJ Miller's wife is having a baby! Good luck and keep us posted!

Chris M said...

I also had to scale down.
I too got 20 reps at 95lbs.

Good luck and congrats to MAJ Miller and his larger family!

Pauly D said...


Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Sorry I missed you all this morning. Sounds like there were some sweet performances out there! Waiting on baby now...

SG said...


Awesome question. First, we do use a multi-week template for our programming, and decide on the week's WODs well before the week begins. However, the entire CF community posts daily, and I believe this is for a few reasons:

1) Ability of coaches to adapt to athlete needs by considering the recovery needed after different movements throughout the week. In other words, we aren't perfect when we program and we will inadvertantly over-task certain muscle groups at times. With the daily postings, we can adjust our programming to better take care of our athletes.

2) The constantly-varied nature of CrossFit. CF is structured around the idea that you don't know what hand life is going to deal you on a given day. Law enforcement, the military, and emergency responders, for instance, don't get to choose what movements they will have to perform tomorrow...we just do what has to be done. I believe daily postings reinforce this concept.

3) Finally, I think there is something to be said about the "sport" of CrossFit. I think our athletes look with anticipation each day at the website, never knowing what is going to pop up. What they do know is that their fellow athletes are going to be at the box ready to encourage and push them to reach a new level of fitness each day.

Your question is valid, and while my response is probably not as complete as it could be, I hope this helps justify why we do what we do.

Kingsley said...

18 complete rounds as rxed for a total score of 36. I almost had 4 more complete, but my grip was giving out.

I plan on repeating that one later in the week before posting a final score.

jswobe said...

13 rounds complete

I likely could have done more, but am still not confident in my technique. Missing the "consistency" portion of the CF prescription. I, too, will try this again later in the week or over the weekend...

All that said -- it was a good WOD with a good format (varied and effective).

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Dan said...
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Dan said...

Rx'd 15 rounds + 1 Squat Clean for a total score of 31

Wasted time messing with collars and probably could have had a couple more rounds.

yeoj_annekcm said...

SG thanks for the insightful, it brought to light some good things to think about

2001 A-Man said...




Thanks, Brian, for the push!

JC said...

18 rounds @ 95lbs.

baby huey said...


Joe said...

0 rounds
I squat clean