Wednesday, 04/13/11

Ok is the deal.  CrossFit Games WOD 11.4 is going to go on Thursday.  It is a SMOKER so we are trying to prepare your bodies as much as possible tomorrow. have two options tomorrow:

Option 1: Run 5km for time
Option 2: Goat day - do technique work on your goats to improve you ability to properly execute the movements.

If you want to do the WOD tomorrow morning, I will be there to judge you so show up at 0530 and we will get it started.

The WOD site with instructions, standards, etc. it located here.

Post your activities and thoughts on WOD 11.4 to comments.


Adam said...

WOD 11.4 is out of control. At least it starts off with a doable exercise for most levels of fitness (burpees) as compared to the last WOD that crushed many with the 165# squat clean and jerk.

My hat is off (way off!) to anyone who can complete all 30 of the OHS at 120#...then muscle-ups. Wow.

I will be running the 5k tomorrow in order to give my hands a rest. Hope to see some of ya'll out on the route. I will be the one with the brown dog.

SG said...

22:52 for 3.3 miles on the treadmill (because I forgot that 5 km is 3.1 miles).

Getting ready for 11.4 tomorrow. Congrats to Carissa, Justin, & Tommy for giving it their all today.

kseki said...

WOD 11.4
w/75lb OHS. Wanted to have at least a chance to make it through one round.

Made it to 2 MUs.

Burpees took almost 6 minutes and required a lot of concentration.

10 said...

Did Yesterdays Workout Today.
Which also qualified for todays workout of working on a big Goat. Ouch...very ouch

ErinM said...

Goat work with double unders.

Box jump
Med ball clean (12lb)
Double unders

Gym loop in between each round.


Kudos to everyone doing WOD 11.4. It was impressive to see.

Anonymous said...

Caught up on yesterday's WOD - 8:58, which was a minute off of the last time I did this. Grip strength was suckin'.

jswobe said...

did 11 km on the bike: 19:45

then did some goat work...

Looking forward to 11.4 tomorrow...sort

"I love burpees." (maybe if I say it enough, I will start to believe it)

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Pauly D said...


Joe said...

Worked power clean and clean and jerk

And a few double unders...I'll be working a few more later