Tuesday, 04/19/11

For time:
Start in the basement of Arvin
5 rounds for time:
10 burpees
Run Stairway to heaven to 4th floor
20 sit-ups
Run back down to basement

Time stops when you get back to the basement on the 5th round

If you are not at West Point, find a steep hill to run.  If you can't find a steep hill, replace the run with 30 box jumps.


SG said...

12:14...legs were jello by round three.

Thanks to njc and the majors for coming out.

JWM said...


Ditto on the Jell-O!

Great to have NJC out there and Erin was knocking it out earlier as well.

Missing the rest of the cadets!

JWM said...

Oh yeah...and huge props to SG who continued to power up those stairs. I am going to have to find a new rabbit to chase after when I PCS!

Chris M said...


Adam said...


That was painful. Thanks all for sharing the pain.

njc said...

First morning WOD in too long, and it felt great to get back into it.


Any chance we can get back into Michie for a workout before the end of the semester? At least you can see the top of those stairs as you climb... I would try to bring my squad along for the fun.

baby huey said...


10 said...

15:40. Pauly D made me look like I was standing still on the stairs.

ErinM said...


Squats with tuck jumps instead of burpees.

Wish I could have had someone to run it with - but history paper beckoned, so I had to knock it out early.

Pauly D said...

Chris Spealler, I'm calling you out.

Kingsley said...


That was painful. I had no energy in the legs and could not keep a run up the stairs. It quickly became w walk.

Great workout!!!

Matt said...



10 Burpees
30 Box jumps (20")
20 GHD sit-ups
30 Jumping Squats


jswobe said...

Again, I'm w/ Matt. That sucked. Modified to:

5 RFT:
10 burpees
25 box jumps (24")
20 sit ups
25 double unders


I've said it before: I would much rather run stairs or a hill than do box jumps (which is why I did 25 and not 30...)!

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

sdc said...


josephval12 said...
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Joseph said...

Due to my Thayer workouts for the last few nights which I have been doing as RX'd, I haven't been there in the morning. I left everything out there though this afternoon, only to tie MAJ Greco at 12:14. I would like to remind everyone that this Friday in the 7 year anniversary of my personal hero Pat Tillman, so I hope you guys keep that in mind and go hard on Friday.

Dan said...

25:10 with neighborhood hill lap run in lieu of stairs

Thanks for the push, Joe.

Joe said...

.33 mile run with approx 100' of elevation change
Neighborhood loop