Friday, 04/29/11


Starting in '62 Room
25 Knees-to-elbows
Lunge steps to the railing in the hall before the stairway to heaven and back to steps leading to Hayes Gym
Run up to Hayes Gym
6 over-the-bars on the horizontal bars (sub 18 pull-ups)
Burpee broad jumps to the monkey bars
Run up to the 4th floor
10 pistols or 50 squats
Run back down to '62 room via stairway to heaven

Post rounds complete to comments


JWM said...

2 rounds + KTEs and Lunge steps

I made it about 2 steps up the stairs to Hayes when time stopped.

Thanks to everybody this morning. Great working out with you all.

Tex, thanks for the unexpected surprise and thank you also for putting the WOD together. Once again you destroyed me!

Anonymous said...

2.5 rds (KTEs, lunges, over the bar). That was fun, although if I never do another burpee it'll be too soon.

ErinM said...

2 rounds + 19 GHD sit-ups

Subbed GHD sit-ups for KTE. Did all pistols, though.

What a fun morning. Thanks everyone.

jck said...

2 rds + KTE + Lunges + 2 over the bars.

Modified the over the bars but still got smoked. Great Workout!

Matt said...


5 RFT:
6 Muscle-ups
12 GHD sit-ups
12 Hip extensions
400m Run


SG said...

2 rounds + KTEs

None of that was fun, but all of that was good. Thanks Tex for adapting to the weather and generating a great WOD.

Thanks to everyone for the kind gift and for taking the time to sign the back. It means a ton!

jswobe said...

Compliments of the WOD Shop:

5 RFT:
@ 75-lbs
5x snatch-grip deadlift
5x power snatch
5x snatch balance
5x overhead squat


Have a great weekend!

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD