Wednesday, 03/09/11

AMRAP 12 (As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes)
10 kettlebell swings (53/35)
15 sit-ups
20 double unders

Post rounds complete to comments.


JWM said...

8 rounds + 10 KBS, + 15 SU + 19 DUs

Could not quite squeeze out that last double under!

Great work out there this morning. Awesome to see you all pushing it through the whole time.

Adam said...

7 rounds + 10 KBS + 10 SU

The KBS were definitely my limiting factor. I did APFT standard SUs with feet anchored.

SG said...

9 rounds + 10 KBS with feet anchored

Sodak said...

9 rounds 10 KBS and 7 DU's

Yesterdays WOD kicked my butt. I liked todays WOD though. I also anchored my feet for the SU's

JWM said...

Forgot to add...mine were feet anchored Abmat sit-ups.

Kingsley said...

9 rounds + 3 KBS.

DUs and I are friends again.

Kingsley said...
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Kingsley said...

and SUs were feet anchored as well.

njc said...

only 5 rounds + 4KBS

My first WOD trying to do DUs the whole time instead of sticking to Singles... still not able to string together more than 3 DUs in a row, but they are coming along.

Matt said...


7 rounds.

Matt said...


I forgot to say that I used a 70lbs KB.

ErinM said...

A measley 5 rounds and 1 KBS

My double unders are atrocious.

jswobe said...

9 rds + 8 KBS

That was a cooker!

WODs + Double Unders = Crazy Ridiculous!!

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

jswobe said...

BTW, B&G --

Today's WOD on the CF Main Page is quite interesting. I know we benched on Monday, so it would need to wait a spell...but a similar format w/ shoulder presses or push presses subbed would be a smoker.

Just a masochistic thought...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Joe said...

6 rounds
+10 kb
+6 abmat sit ups
4:1 single unders

Dan said...

7 rounds + 6 KB

amanda said...

Amanda and Megan both did 8 rounds using a 20 kb.

JC said...

6 2/3

Focused on fixing my DUs. Implemented the coaching from the last DU WOD. Much improved, but still a ways to go.