Wednesday, 3/2/11


5 rounds for time of:

Comm/Supe's Loop (rx'd at 400m, but we thought we'd do the outdoor loop to save you from the stairs!)
30 box jumps (24"/ 20")
30 wall ball shots (20 lb / 14 lb)

Post time to comments

Compare to 2/1/10


SG said...

26:09...G-4 was tearing it up in there today!

JWM said...


Sweet work by G4. Looks like all the other cadets are scared they won't be able to hang. Just sayin.

Awesome work by SG out there this morning. He was smoking through it! Kings, great to have you this morning knocking out "Rowing Kelly"

Nick B said...

33 long disgusting mins- humbling after yesterdays blowout! Keep em coming

Adam said...

A combo of THS, waking up feeling sick, and a sore foot caused me to bow out of today's WOD.

I instead did 4 rounds untimed of:
15 x GHD situps
1 x gym loop (jogging)
max reps ring dips
20 x push-ups

It was a sad and uninspired display, but better than skipping altogther and sleeping in.

Great work by those that tackled the WOD, it looked like a beast.

Kings said...

27:22 with 500M rower sub and 24" box steps instead of jumps. Still nursing a sore foot.

SG & JWM - great work this morning. I tried to catch up, but it was not happening.

ErinM said...

As RXed for women. First WOD in a while I can say that for.

That one was a lot of fun. Glad for the push from everyone there.

Matt said...


That was ruthless.

30:57 as Rx'd

3 of my weaker movements all together in one happy package. Gotta love it.

jswobe said...

31:00 or 32:00, maybe (w/ 1000m bike instead of runs)

My "wrist-mounted" wall timer got bumped during the first round of I had to estimate based on some round, archaic time-measuring device hanging on the wall.

To echo everyone else - that was a mother...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

2001 A-Man said...

Did John Hiltz's 12 minute workout...

10 Chinups
50 Pushups
2 Min Rest
10 Pullups
50 Pushups
2 Min Rest
10 Chinups
50 Pushups
2 Min Rest
10 Pullups
50 Pushups

Took me 15 minutes. John, my arms are still shaking!

Tex said...

Working on setting some benchmarks for my recovery from surgery:
Deadlift: 385lbs (20lb PR)
Gym-loop: 1:18
Benchpress:200 (-15lbs PR)

baby huey said...


I vote to never do that again

JC said...

22:38 @ MWR gym on 3/3/11

Did 1/4 miles on the treadmill, not quite the same as a Supe Loop.

Joe said...

Wow!! All you Black Knights really out did yourselves, way to go!! THS provided me with a 31:29

Dan said...


That was Brew-Tall