Tuesday, 03/15/11

9, 7, 5 rep rounds of
Squat snatches (135/95)

A note on scaling: This is the first WOD of the 2010 CrossFit Games.  The world's fittest athletes rocked through it, and several still had missed attempts of the squat snatch at 135 pounds.  Unless you are strong AND have great technique, you should consider scaling this weight.  I am going to plan for 95 pounds and see how they feel in a few warm-up attempts tomorrow.

If you are resource constrained due to Spring Leave, here is an alternate WOD for you:

10 burpees
20 tuck jumps
50 foot bearcrawl

Post WOD selection and time/rounds to comments


JWM said...

I have a brief in the morning so I will probably not make it to the gym until 1130 or 1200 tomorrow. Let me know if you want to try to link up.

JWM said...

10:19 at 95lbs

Intensity was ok but could have been better. I tried to rush one of the squat snatches and missed it so I think the weight was about right for me strength/technique level.

Cashed out with 100 DUs for time. Hit the first 61 unbroken (I think that is a PR) and then fizzled and finished in 1:34.

Should have done my run yesterday because I feel it from this morning...

Matt said...


I did my first few reps with 105 and then dropped to 95. If my technique was the same in the beginning as the end, I could have stayed with 105, but intensity would have been an issue. My squat snatches are 1000% better now than they were before.


jswobe said...


snatches @ 65lbs

no rings for muscle-ups, so I subbed pull-ups/chips-up & ring dips for the MUs, in this sort of sequence:

3-4 Pull ups
3-4 Ring dips
3-4 Chin ups
3-4 Ring dips
3-4 Pull ups

Intensity was not that great, just b/c the muscle up substitution was so protracted.

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

JC said...

8:38 @ 65lbs w/ toe/jumping muscle-ups. Still don't quite have MU technique down.

BR: 2X800m on Hayes Track w/ Chris. I needed the speed work after skipping yesterday's WOD.

Megan said...

6 rounds plus 10 burpees

Joe said...

Option 2
7 round +10 burpees and 10 tuck jumps

Chris said...

Somewhere between 8:30 and 9:00 at 75lbs. Used toes to push through MU transition. Used one of the blocks to give me a depth check - helped form a lot because I was tending to go with a really wide landing position instead of going deep enough when I didn't use the block. The added intervals with JC was a bad idea after Monday's WOD.

Dan said...

WOD 2: 6 rounds + 10 Burpees + 14 Tuck Jumps