Friday, 03/11/11

Gymnastics Goat Day

Due to the modified schedule, we know that several of you will have to find an alternate time for your WOD.  The goal for today is to work on your gymnastics goats.  For example, I suck at the freestanding handstand and need to work on it.  Some of you might want to work your muscle-up technique or ability to work the ropes.

If you can't make it in the morning, find a time to work on a weakness.  If nothing else, do tabata push-ups and sit-ups to get your final pump on before spring leave!

Post work completed to comments


JWM said...

Had a nice active recovery day. It was good to get some stretching in and I had a nice warm-up putting weights away, etc.

After that, SG and I did a short WOD:
3 rounds
20 handstand wall runs
20 GHD sit-ups

The GHD sit-ups were a smoker for me! Here is a link for the wall runs:

Dan said...

@jswobe: you said yesterday you were having trouble transitioning from the clean to the jerk position...

After you rack the bar in the clean (elbows high, bar on finger tips etc), there is a split second after it's racked at the top of your stand up that allows for the grip position adjustment. Watch the main site Clean & Jerk video (with Mike and Sage Burgener) @ about the 40 second mark.

Let me know if that helps...

Kingsley said...

Found a WOD on Crossfit Raleigh website and made some alterations.

Five rounds of:
500M Row
5 Press (115)
7 24" Box Step
9 Burpees

Finished in 17:18.

Great way to finish off the week. Now on to London.

jswobe said...

did some freestanding handstand work...followed by some HS wall runs. Those are harder than they look!

Finished with a WOD from the WOD shop...

Back squat -- Starting at 135 pounds, do 2 reps every minute on the minute, adding 10 pounds each round.

Rounds complete: 13

@Dan: that does help...a lot. I have not been making that minute adjustment at the top after standing up. Thanks for the feedback!

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

SG said...

Did the impromptu WOD with JWM and found another goat...the GHD.

Did 3 rounds:
20 handstand wall runs
20 elevated situps

Finished the morning off with a 10 min paleo chair that really hurt.

Joe said...

Danced my a$$ off at Umphrey's McGee!! Awesome show great dance wod!!

Dan said...

Made up my own:

3 rounds for time
10 pull ups
20 push ups
30 sit ups
40 double-unders

12:06 bleh