Saturday, 03/05/11 - Sunday, 03/06/11

Rest Days.

Enjoy some time off


Matt said...


I did Aloha Crossfit Friday on Saturday.

For Time:
400m run
25 x windshield wipers
25 x Deadlifts (225)
25 x Pull-ups
800m run

3 x rounds:
5 x wall climbs
10 x dingle dangles
15 x pull-ups
20 x overhead walking lunges (45lbs)

400m run

28:03 of pure suck.

JWM said...

Matt, great stuff! Way to work it.

Tex said...

CF Friday with wall-climbs: 26:54

That was painful.

Joseph said...

Modified Kelly: (nursing a sprained UCL in my elbow)
5 rds
gym loop
30 box jumps
30 squats