Saturday, 03/12/11 - Sunday, 03/13/11

Rest Days.  Enjoy the start of Spring Leave but don't forget to check in next week for some more WOD fun!


Adam said...

Does anyone know if/when Arvin is open next week?

I'm hanging out local for Spring Break.

Chris said...

0800-1600 on most days

JC said...

I'm playing WOD catchup this weekend. Recovering from a busy week at school.

I'll be around this week as well. Is there a coalition of the willing that would want to meet at Arvin?

Adam said...

JC,I figured you ELDP guys would be one your 3rd week of Spring Break in Fiji or something. Hadn't seen you in a while and figured you joined Golds Gym and started working on biceps curls in the mirror.

I will be around most days (gone Monday) and the best time for me would probably be at like 1130 or so. My son naps at that time, so we won't be out and about. Let me know and we can try to meet up.

Adam said...

I went for a jog today with my dog and then did an AMRAP3 of pull-ups and then an AMRAP3 of dips.

Pull-ups - 32 (PR)
Dips - 34 (weak sauce!)