Saturday, 03/19/11 - Sunday, 03/20/11

Rest Days.  Unless you have been resting all week.  Then you can look at the WODs and pick one!

Looking forward to seeing you all at 0530 on Monday!


Matt said...


I was unable to do a WOD on Thursday, so I did one today. My WOD was in the spirit of Thursday's, but it fit my Pose train a little better.

I warmed up with the "section 1" Pose drills and after the WOD I did the "section 2" drills.

5 RFT of:
400m run
50 x squats


Note: always retie your shoes before a running WOD regardless. That way you don't have to take time during the WOD to do it. I'm 2 for 2 on this one :(

ErinM said...

Tried out Monday's WOD. A little disappointed in my times, but extremely happy to be running outside in the sun.

1600: 6:24
1200: 4:57
800: 3:20
400: 1:33

Total: 16:14 running time (with rests: 22:14)

This WOD would have been great with a partner.