Thursday, 18 August

Deadlift  (<--- check out video hyperlink)
5-5-5 for weight (untimed; concentrate on proper form)

Then for time:
250 x double-unders (advanced)
100 x double-unders (beginner; 4:1 substitution of single-unders or side straddle hops (no rope))

Post loads for deadlift and time for double-unders to comments.


Chris M said...

I did yesterday's WOD since I missed it and since DLs and DUs are a double-goat for me.
13:43 on yesterday's WOD with 53lb KB and APFT PUs. That was a smoker.

Adam said...

It was great to see JWM in the '62 Room this morning!


250 Double unders = 5:40

njc said...

Deadlift: 205-225-235
(my main goal was protecting that ring finger...)

400 sloppy single unders = 6:10.
Some day I will get over my mental block for DUs.

I thought I was motivated by JWM being there, but then I saw him DL 2x my weight and I changed my mind.

MikeRothenb said...

yea, im also keeping my hands fresh for that nice bold mold of rolled gold.

275, 295, 315

Double Unders:
my arms were burning after that

jswobe said...

DL: 285, 300, 315
DU: 4:51

I probably had another 5 reps with another 15 or 20 pounds...mental note for next time...

I feel like it's been a while since we did took a couple dozen turns to get started...

Enjoy Ring Weekend!

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Matt said...


275x7 (To make up for my failed rep)

8:57 on the DUs. My arms were burning, but I felt like I was sand bagging.

JWM said...

Great to be there this morning and great to see some old regulars and new faces too!

DL - 315 for all three sets
After the sets I did 385 for a new one rep max.

6:43 for the DUs. Had a hard tine getting a good rhythm!

Sweddy said...

DL: 255-275-300

100 DU's; worked on form

Tex said...

then I worked to a 1RM of 375 which is a post-surgery PR and -10lbs of my pre-surgery PR

250 DUs: 4:15

JC said...

My eyes were bigger than my muscles this morning. Tweaked my back on round two of DL. So skipped straight to DUs


250 DUs = 7:20