Thursday, 25 August

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As for the workout -

Let's meet at the River Courts at 0530, partner up, warm-up and then get after it.


Person #1 Run Stairway to Hell (STH)
Person #2 Max reps of knees to elbows & dips in the time that Person #1 runs STH
Switch roles for a total of 20 minutes.

Scoring - 50 points for every completed STH (for partial, you get 25 points if you make it to the top) and 1 point for each KTE or dip completed. 

Post total points and partner name to comments.


jck said...

520 team score. Intense workout. Whole body is smoked from this week.

MikeRothenb said...

Justin W. and I were unable to conquer the task of keeping score correctly. I would guestimate around 600.

Chelley said...

Nice to see the hardcore folks make it down this morning for another fun one! Gotta love the STH! Nice push by everyone.

I was paired with Chris M and we had a score of 527.

Chris M sub'ed abmat sit-ups for KTEs and as a team we did 4.5 STHs.

Adam said...

not sure why my name came up as .,.., but it was my post.

Mack said...

625 team score with Caleb C.