Tuesday, 9 August

Nancy (with long legs)

5 rounds for time:
1 x Comm's Loop (approx. 500 meters; Nancy is only 400 meters)
15 x Overhead squats (Beginner = 45 lbs., Intermediate = 75 lbs., Advanced = 95 lbs.)

compare to 4 April 2011
Post time to comments.


Adam said...

18:44 w/ 75# - beat my last time by :45 with 10 more lbs.

I still struggle with keeping a high tempo on OHS and my feet tend to be too far apart to compensate for lack of flexibility.

Great crew there this morning - thanks for the push and encouragement!

MikeRothenb said...

14:38 with just the 45lb bar.
Props to Tex for pushing me through the whole workout, ive never done that many overhead squats at that weight, and it is especially pleasing after going through shoulder surgery

Matt said...


As Rx'd: 17:45.

Bring on the pain.

njc said...

17:53 with just 45#

As was said, this exercise goes away QUICKLY when you don't practice it.

Anonymous said...

14:27? with 45lbs

Back at you MikeR, that was my first time with OHS since surgery. Thanks for the push.

sam said...

Hi all, I will be visiting USMA tomorrow (10AUG) from out of town. I am an avid CrossFitter (Level I trainer) and hope to assist with coaching upon being assigned to West Point.
I am very interested in visiting the box and maybe getting a WOD in. Are there any other group WOD times other than 0530?


Patrick Miller

Adam said...

Patrick - awesome - please come to '62 room in Arvin at 0530 tomorrow. We will warm up and knock out an awesome WOD (it will be posted tonight at 6 pm).

I look forward to meeting you.


Sweddy said...

Patrick, there is a group of folks from the math dept that go between 11 or 12 as well.

Sweddy said...

As RX'd, 21:12

jswobe said...


Subbed 1000 meters on the bike for the run. (call it "Nancy on Wheels")

OHS as RX'd.

(As an aside: Only one year ago, I had no idea what an overhead squat was and struggled miserably to execute with nothing but a broom stick. What a difference a year and CrossFit make...)

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Anonymous said...

21:19 @ 75lbs with some good hazing from the Department with a heart :) (it was my fault..no socks)