Friday, 19 August

It looks simple enough, but trust me, it will be challenging!

Advanced = 30 x wall climbs & handstand push-ups
Intermediate = 15 x wall climbs & handstand push-ups
Beginner = 20 minutes practice of handstands - see how long you can hold a supported handstand

Every time you take a rest break, knock out 3 ring pull-ups.  (In honor of Ring Weekend, of course!)

Note:  If not familar with wall climbs - you start with your chest flat on the ground, with feet touching the wall behind you.  Use your arms and legs to move your body until you are completely inverted into a supported handstand position against the wall.  Walk your hands out and back to the starting position. 

Post time and number of breaks to comments.


Adam said...

I did 30 W.C. + HSPU combos as rx'd in 16:54.

Rep scheme: 5-4-4-3-3-3-3-3-2
On the next to last set I only got 2/3 HSPU, so I had to do an extra in the last set to make it to 30 & 30. 8 rounds x 3 ring pull-ups.

Great to see most of the crew there every day this week! Keep it up!

Have an awesome weekend! Congrats to the Firsties on getting their rings.

Chris M said...

I did 30 W.C. and then did 30 band-assisted HSPUs in 17:45.

Matt said...


Adam, you are a sick sick sick man. I just wanted to roll-up in the fetal position and suck my thumb during that.


My first 4 reps were in combo. After that I did kipping HSPU then immediately did the same amount of wall climbs.

4-2-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 w/ 8 sets of pull-ups.

MikeRothenb said...

i did 30 hand stand pushups with the green/blue band combo. then i did 15 wall climbs, not sure how many times i had to rest. i didnt time myself either. i was just kind of flopping around through the workout.

ErinM said...

Don't know if I want to post my time for this one...

19:57. 15 Wall climbs and 30 HSPU with green/green band assistance. Definitely came crashing down in an only somewhat controlled fashion on a couple of those wall climbs.

Adam said...

ErinM, don't be ashamed, I'm proud of you for being there and knocking it out! Nice work and thanks for bringing a newbie with you, it's always great to grow the group?