Thursday, 6 October


50-40-30-20-10 reps of:

Double-unders (do 1:3 sub for single unders or jumping jacks)
Sit-ups (APFT standard - feet anchored)

Compare to: 9 Feb 2011

NOTE:  If you don't have a jump rope, then I would highly recommend that you purchase one.  Jumping rope is a critical piece of CrossFit.  You can get a rope for about $5 at the PX, Target, or elsewhere.  You don't need anything fancy. 

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jswobe said...


Not much better than last time...damn...

BTW - I disagree w/ today's note about jump ropes. A better jump rope - coated cable, w/ good handles - makes a HUGE difference in double unders. Just sayin'...

Adam said...

for the last Annie, my foot was jacked, so I did something else and the Annie from August 2010 was my first WOD, back when I couldn't do double-unders.

Today was 6:48 with unbroken DUs and sit-ups (APFT standard). I was a bit slow on the higher rep sit-ups, so I think I could get sub-6, but it would be tough.

Tex said...


The issues with posting from USMA are getting annoying.