Tuesday, 1 November

Back squat
5-5-5 (rest 1 minute between sets; otherwise untimed)


Run 1 mile

Post loads for squats and time for 1 mile run to comments.


Mickey said...

185 - 195 - 195

Losing some strength, but gaining more endurance.

7:16 mile. Ran the second half almost a minute faster than the first though. I always start out too slow.

njc said...

Probably could have gone heavier, but crunched for time.

4 gym loops (1 mile): 6:23

Adam said...


Squats continue to be a huge goat for me.

I ran outside with JC - 6:03

njc - 4 gym loops is no joke, nice work!

jswobe said...

So I did something to my back on Monday...still hurting today, so I took it easy on squats; I also subbed three miles on the bike for the run.

185, 205, 225


Adam said...

jswobe "takes it easy" and crushes us all! Nice work!

Hopefully you didn't hurt your back running from zombies yesterday!

JC said...


I ran outside with Adam - 6:03