Thursday, 27 October

9-9-5-5-3-3 reps of:


Check out a decent video of the snatch (this is a full squat snatch). 

NOTE:  if you've never done the snatch before, then spend the time learning movement at lower weights until you get solid form.  This is NOT a move you want to rush to failure on - your shoulders will not be happy!


jswobe said...

Rx for today: snatch or power snatch??

Adam said...

jswobe - snatch from the ground

Adam said...

ugh, today was uninspiring!

I need A LOT of work on my technique. First time in a long time that I have to register a DNF (did not finish). I did a set of 9 with the bar, but after that the wheels completely fell off, I lost focus, and I wasn't able to get back on track.

Thanks to Matt for the great demo and progressions.

Mickey said...

9 w/ the padded bar thing
5 w/ 65
3 w/ 75

feelin good about it. just need to practice more.

Matt said...


Snatch = squat snatch unless otherwise stated or indicated.


I have been doing Bergerner warm-up everyday. It works. The PVC pipe is more important than you think. This is the best I've done on snatch.

jswobe said...

I did snatches, not power snatches. Call off the CF police...

This was a great WOD. As bad as high rep cleans are, I think snatches may be worse. 9 reps...twice?? Sadism, I say...

65, 80, 95, 105, 115, 125

1 x snatch @ 135 (PR)

I agree w/ Matt; the Bergener warm-up is a great skill builder. I hit it 3-4 times per week as part of my warm-up.

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD