Wednesday, 12 October

Partner WOD - AMRAP 20

10 x Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95/65) - Person A

20 x Bar facing burpees - Person A

Rope climb (15') & 1.5 lap (200 meters) on track and return to '62 room - Person B

Then switch roles.
Note: Person A completes the assigned reps and then rests until Person B returns.

Note2: If Person B returns before Person A is done, then Person B rests until Person A completes.

Post time and partner's name to comments.


Mack said...

Lacey an I did 7 rounds together

Matt said...


Adam was my partner. My SDHP was rx'd and Adam did 75lbs. We completed 3 and 3/4 rounds. I finished 1.25 laps on the run and Adam finished 14 burpees.

Adam said...

Matt forgot to add...

"and Adam was smoked...nearly died afterwards" - tough WOD, great push by the early crew!!

jswobe said...

No partner today (read: a whole bunch of local, no-heart slackers). I mod'ed slightly to:

10 x SDHP (95#)
20 x bar facing burpees
10 x L pull-ups
400m bike

4 rounds complete (to the last second!)

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

ErinM said...

Mike and I almost completed all four rounds (8 total). I did 17/20 of the burpees for the last round, while Mike completed the rope climb and run.