Friday, 28 October

Today is a bittersweet day for a few reasons -

First, it is Tex's last WOD with Black and Gold before he moves out to Benning to go to the basic course.  Tex is a B&G legend and his presence will be missed.  Hopefully a lot of folks can come out to wish Tex well and send him off in style. 

Second, today's "Hero WOD" is more than just a named workout drawn from the mainsite, rather it is a Hero WOD created by a member of USMA '86 to memorialize and honor their fallen classmate, COL John McHugh, as the Class of '86 holds it's 25 Year Class Reunion.  COL McHugh was killed in action in Afghanistan on May 18, 2010. 

His classmate wrote the following tribute - 

“Johnny Mac” was one of the highest-ranking officers killed in Afghanistan. He was a graduate of the United States Military Academy Class of 1986. Served over 24 years active duty. Survived by his wife Connie and 5 children: Chief Warrant Officer Michael McHugh (22) Kelly (20), Kristen (18), Maggie (12) and David (6). John was also a brand new grandfather of Abigail (1).

John was a great friend, soldier, family man and most of all a man of God. John was a man of true honor, respect and one of the nicest men you would ever meet. He loved soccer and I believe he still holds the record at West Point for most goals saved in single season. The academy retired his jersey last fall. He was a great officer that personified the word “leadership”.

In honor of Colonel John M. McHugh, my friend and West Point Classmate 1986.  In tribute of the 24 plus years of service and sacrifice that he and his wife Connie gave to our country, the workout is structured to culminate with a round of 24 reps. The total number of reps for the workout would be “86” representing West Point Class of ’86. The rounds should start low and peak at 24 just like John’s career as an Army officer. Secondly, you do 5 rounds in tribute of each of his children.

So today we will send Tex off in style and honor the courage and sacrifice of COL McHugh by doing the WOD "Johnny Mac"  Some members of the class of '86 and potentially some of COL McHugh's family members may be in the '62 room at 0530 to cheer everyone one!

Johnny Mac - 5 rounds for time (with 25 minute time limit)
Rd 1:  Run 400 meters (gym loop), 12 x thrusters (95/55), 12 x chest to bar pull-ups
Rd 2: Run 400m, 14 x thrusters, 14 x C2B pull-ups
Rd 3: Run  400m, 16 x thrusters, 16 x C2B pull-ups
Rd 4: Run 400m, 20 x thrusters, 20 x C2B pull-ups
Rd 5: Run 400m, 24 x thrusters, 24 x C2B pull-ups

NOTE:  Scale as needed.  86 reps of each exercise is going to be tough!  Scale smartly so you don't either burn out after the first round or hurt yourself.  Scaling options for the C2B pull-ups include - pull-ups (with just your chin over the bar), using bands, doing jumping pull-ups, etc. 
NOTE2:  The time limit of 25 minutes is there so that you have a goal to beat and enables cadets to get to formation on time without feeling like they've quit short of completion.  If you are not time-constrained and want to finish it out regardless of time, then by all means, get after it! 


JWhips said...

Tex, best of luck to you at Benning. I know you'll be missed at B&G.

FYI, my brother is the one that submitted this WOD and I'm the one that helped him develop it. Enjoy, it's a kick in the teeth :)

JWM said...

Tex, thanks for all you have done with B&G. You will be missed. Enjoy The WOD and best of luck!

Mickey said...


Made it through the 5th gym loop plus 5 thrusters.

Adam said...

Tex, you will be missed, you will always be known as a rock star of B&G and you've been a great role model for cadets and officers! Best of luck in your future - the level of physical fitness you've attained and your knowledge of functional fitness will serve you well as you lead your platoon and into the future!

Adam said...

As for the WOD,

It was great to see some members of '86 there this morning! Thank you for sending the WOD and the tribute to COL McHugh!

I had to scale to 75 lbs. for the thrusters and I was only able to to C2B for the first round, afterwards it was kipping pull-ups.

Time to complete all 5 rounds: 28:45

Rest in peace and God speed Johnny Mac!

Matt said...


It was great having the support of the Class of '86 this morning. The motivation they gave was essential to not dying this morning. It has been a while since I felt like that during a WOD. It literally brought me to my knees before I even finished.

Tex, stay strong. It was great having you here. I wish I could have been around longer. I can honestly say (from a CrossFit perspective) I want to be you when I grow up. Good luck and let me know if you need anything.

As for the WOD. I did it Rx'd with C2B pull-ups all the way through. I also scrapped the mercy rule.


Aloha, Johnny Mac. Your Classmates, Friends, and Family did you Justice with this WOD.

Tex said...

As rx'd until the 25 minute point where I switched to jumping pullups for the last 22. Total time 27:20.

JWhips, it was indeed a kick in the teeth. Thanks to the members of the class of '86 for being there for support. COL McHugh, you will not be forgotten.

Thanks to Black and Gold for helping define my Academy years. I hope to come back some day to see the group still thriving. I hope that my platoon will benefit from all that I have learned here over the past 3 years. I'll keep in touch.

jswobe said...


**Subbed 800m on the bike for the runs, and scaled the last 20 pull-ups to jumping PUs...

Great WOD. My goal was to complete the first three rounds in 12 minutes. I hit it at 12:05...and then the wheels fell off...

I wish I could have done this one w/ the crew at Arvin. Soon, I hope!

@Tex -- good luck. Enjoy the real Army!

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

ErinM said...


Thank you for all that you have done as a climbing, cadet, and cross fit role model. Best of luck and I wish that I hadn't missed that WOD.