Tuesday, 18 October

Let's meet at Shea Stadium at 0540 and get after it.  It will be dark, which will be even more awesome!

APFT CrossFit-style

12 rounds for time:
12 x push-ups (hand release)
Sprint 100 meters
12 x sit-ups
Sprint 100 meters

NOTE:  We will do the actual APFT as the WOD for 24 OCT (Monday) to ensure all faculty get it done prior to the end of the month.

Post time to comments.


Adam said...

Attention all cadets - you missed an awesome one this morning! Perfect weather and a 'fun' WOD.


All unbroken, but my pace definitely slowed!

Pauly D said...

Good WOD is right. 20:02 for Pauly D...a little slowed by the blowout on my lip.

Matt said...


I lost count somewhere and ended up doing 13 rounds.


I went "numb" around round 4.

JC said...


I think Matt would still be going if Adam and I hadn't stopped him at 13. Great work!

Mickey said...

I apologize for missing my second crossfit workout ever. My roommate kept me up VERY late last night working on his IR paper.

Anyhow, I made it up by myself after breakfast. 20:29

jswobe said...


Good WOD...good suck...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD