Thursday, 20 October

7 x thrusters (95/65)
21 x strokes on rowing machine
Post number of rounds to comments.


Adam said...

as rx'd: 4 rounds + 6 thrusters

Fun times. Glad it wasn't high reps or I would have crumbled. Quickly.

njc said...

@ 75#:
5 rounds + thrusters + 3 rows

I tried to time myself and pause my watch to compensate for the run back and forth to the row machine, but messed it up after about round 2. Either way, I tried to do as close to the full 7 minutes of work as possible.

Really fun one though.

Mickey said...

6 rounds @ 75 lbs

Matt said...


As rx'd: 4 rounds even

everything was unbroken, just slow.

This one would also make a great "work priority" WOD, doing 3-7 rounds for time (depending on the thruster load). I could be quick and HEAVY.

jswobe said...

5 rounds @ 115 lbs

I would have really liked this as an AMRAP 10. Seven minutes was barely enough to get started.

Maybe do something like the games final event...AMRAP 3, AMRAP 6, then all for time.

Just some thoughts...

Good WOD.