Wednesday, 19 October

HANG TOUGH! - Partner WOD!

Pair up and get ready to work and have some fun.  One person does the exercise while the other 'hangs tough!'

40 x box jumps (24/20) - Person A does box jumps & Person B holds pull-up in the UP position.  When Person B's chin drops below the bar, switch roles and B picks up where A left off.  Continue this process until all 40 box jumps are complete.  THEN...
200 x double unders - Person A does DUs while Person B holds a barbell (185/115) in the UP position of the deadlift (i.e. knees & hips fully extended).  Once Person B needs to rest, switch roles. THEN...
40 x wall ball shots (20/14) - A does WBS, B holds a wall-supported handstand.  Once B comes down, switch roles.  THEN...
40 x deadlifts (185/115) - A does DLs, B holds squat in the down position.  Once B rests, switch.

NOTE:  Scale as needed.
NOTE2:  If doing solo, then do 1 minute of exercise, followed by 1 minute of hanging tough.


JC said...

Team JF/JC - 13:37 Scaled to 135 on DLs

No matter how you break that one up you're going to be fighting the entire time. Just glad I had a partner to share in the misery.

Adam said...

Awesome to see a small, but mighty crew there this morning. Good to see a few new faces!

I partnered up with Matt and we knocked it out as rx'd:

Fun times! Great push by all!
Double unders to handstand hold was a tough combo, my heart was beating in my brain.

Matt said...


That was different, but good. Adam, I got 11:48 on my watch. Regardless, great push.

Mickey said...


Sloppy dead lifts towards the end though. More like romanian dead lift

jswobe said...

(posting a day late...)

26:30 (or so... +/- 10 secs)

I did this one solo, b/c I could not find anyone willing to play. It would have been much better w/ a partner.

I did the "hang" part first on all four couplets, and then used that time as the interval length for the work exercise. I probably should have halved the reps in the spirit of mirroring having a partner, but I did not. So, I did all 40 box jumps, 200 DUs, 40 WBS and 40 DLs. Needless to say, that's the key reason my time was so long. Next time, if I cannot find a partner, I will cut the reps (probably...)

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD