Monday, 24 October

WOD Option #1:

APFT at Shea Stadium
Let's meet at 0530 to warm-up and get after it.

WOD Option #2:

5 Rounds for time:
7 x ring dips
11 x knees to elbows
30 x double-unders

Post choice of WOD and results to comments.


Mickey said...


90x Single unders instead of doubles. I'm not yet coordinated enough to do 30 of those in a row.

JC said...

PT Test WOD: I wasn't quite sure how this one was going to go. Great crew and great conditions gave me the push I needed. Adam and I battled it out on the run course.

PU: 80
SU: 85
2MI: 12:46

Adam said...

I went with APFT as well.

Big props to JC for pushing it out on the run. Every time he dropped back a few steps, I thought I'd be able to pull ahead for good, but he kept coming back and passed me for the last 200 meters!

PU: 81
SU: 86
2 mile: 12:48

jswobe said...

WOD #2


Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

MikeRothenb said...

been missing a lot of the morning sessions, ive been getting ready for the marine corps marathon.

did WOD #2

MikeRothenb said...

also did an all-time high APFT this weekend.

PU: 75
SU: 91
Run: 11:38

Adam said...

@ MikeR - good work on the APFT - nice run time speedster!

Best of luck with the MCM, it is a great race! Hope to see you back in the '62 room soon.

Matt said...


I did the APFT

90 x Push-ups
83 x Sit-ups
13:24 Run

I missed 300 points by 6 secs.