Monday, 3 October

For those of you trying out for the team for the Black and Blue competition - good luck! 

Run 4.2 miles (approximately)

Route:  Start in front of the Comm's House, run to Lee Gate, once back at Washington Road (the main road), turn right, head up past the hospital up the hill to Washington Gate.  Turn around and run back to the start point (note:  you do NOT run back to Lee Gate on the way back, just straight back down Washington Road)

NOTE1:  Bring your reflective belt and watch for cars when crossing the street.
NOTE2:  Warm-up on your own and start running as close to 0530 as you can to ensure you have enough time to complete and cool down/stretch prior to formation.
NOTE3:  There may not be a very large group running due to the Black and Blue try-outs - this is NOT a reason to skip out. 

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Tex said...

Competitors, get ready for the tryouts. This is going to be awesome!

Tex said...

First, great job by everyone this morning. We will compile the results and let people know what is coming for Thursday very soon. The turnout this year was staggering compared to previous years!

Tryout WOD: 5 rounds + 1 pull-up, 201 reps.

88 DUs

Adam said...

great work by everyone trying out. I ran afterwards:
36:13 I didn't push it very hard, but it was good to get a little distance as a prepare for the Army 10 miler this weekend.

Tex said...

Great job by those who tried out! I did it afterward: 5 rounds plus 1 pull-up, 201 reps.