Monday, 31 October


Since today is Halloween, it seemed appropriate to come up with a fun WOD that would fit the theme.  jswobe, I apologize in advance, as this is a very West Point-specific WOD - you can substitute similar events.



SITUATION:  The year is 2011 and a massive snow storm hit West Point on 30 October and it knocked out power to several parts of post, including the experimental laboratory in which "Zombie Slugs" are studied.  These zombie slugs are fueled by pizza, Mountain Dew, and video games, but the power outage and impassable roads created conditions in which the Zombie Slugs were unable to get what they desire.  As a result, the Zombie Slugs are coming to attack a symbolic structure of everything they despise - fitness, sweating, and muscle tone!!!  The Zombie Slugs are coming to the '62 Room in an attempt to devour a small, but mighty band of warriors known as Black and Gold CrossFit!

MISSION:  Escape from the Zombie Slugs by demonstrating superior athletic performance in multiple domains.

EXECUTION:  We will start in the '62 Room and warm up in preparation for the Zombie Slug infiltration.  After warming up, we will complete the following action sequence for time:

o Ride 1 mile on stationary bike
o Run to Hayes Gym, execute the IOCT (-): after you climb the rope, simply run 1/2 lap (w/out med ball) to the doors and exit the track
o Climb the Stairway to Heaven to the top
o Run the width and then length of the top floor and go down the flight of stairs at the other end (not the stairs you came up)
o End in the '62 Room

*** NOTE:  If the Zombie (see details below) catches you, then after you complete the sequence you have to do an extra trip up and down the Stairway to Heaven as a penalty! ****

SERVICE SUPPORT:   Since Zombie Slugs are not athletic enough to complete any of these events, a replacement Zombie will be selected.  The replacement Zombie will start 1 minute after the rest of the group and then will attempt to catch up and eat (by tagging, not tackling or anything crazy!) members of the group.


NOTE:  SAFETY FIRST!  - No horse play & use your best judgment - I don't want anyone to get hurt horsing around, especially on parts of the IOCT, stairs, etc.
NOTE2:  If IOCT AI is going on, we may have to adjust the plan a bit, as we can't cut in line and we have to play well with others.

Post time to complete the sequence to comments.


Mickey said...

fun wod. fear factor knowing MAJ Grim is the one chasing you.

Trotted in first with my buddy Bovard.

Lungs filled with asbestos though from the IOCT.

njc said...

the clock read 7:35 when i finished

Adam said...

Great to see some new faces there this morning - thanks for bringing a friend!

So, lesson learned, 1 minute was far too much lead time to give the young and agile cadets! This old zombie didn't have a chance.


Fun to do something different. There will definitely be some tweaks next Halloween to make it more competitive and challenging!

jswobe said...

(posting excuse...)

B&G - no need to apologize. I wish I was at WP running the IOCT. Good times, good times...

I took a Hero WOD from the mainpage instead and got humbled.

10 rounds for time of:
3 x Handstand push-ups
6 x Deadlift (225#)
12 x Pull-ups
24 x Double-unders

I ran out of time and stopped at 7 rounds complete.


Ouch...I probably should have done something more gymnastic movement oriented...lesson learned...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD