Saturday and Sunday, 15 - 16 October

Rest days.  Another awesome week with the morning crew - small, but MIGHTY!

Check out:

Black and Gold CrossFit will be doing the WOD (partner WOD, 11 rounds, 11 reps, 11 exercises!) on Veteran's Day as a way to honor the service and sacrifice of our past, current, and future veterans.  There is no cost to do the WOD or to sign-up as a hosting location, so please spread the word to anyone you know who is interested.  T-shirts are available if you want one (coming soon), but much like the 31 Heroes WOD we did on Labor Day, there is no requirement or request (nor will there ever be) to spend any money, fundraise, etc. - with B&G PT IS ALWAYS FREE! 

If you are outside of the WP area and want to get your garage, box, gym, etc. signed up to partcipate and get the latest details on the event, then click on the link, sign-up, and get after it.


jswobe said...

WOD for Warriors looks awesome... I may need to start recruiting for a partner early...

Adam said...

yep, sign up and get APG on the map!