Thursday 4/1/10

Fight Gone Bad (FGB) Modified

For reps.

3 rounds of 1 minute each of the following exercises:

Wall ball at 10ft target (20lb for men/12lb for women)
Sumo dead lift high pull (75lb/45lb)
20" Box jump
Push press (75lb/45lb)
Kettlebell Swings (53 lb/35 lb) (modified from rows for calories)

Rest 1 minute between rounds.

Add total number of reps for each round and post to comments

Compare to 1/18/10


JWM said...

WB - 25, 24, 24
SDLHP - 22, 17, 12
BJ - 20, 20, 21
PP - 14, 10, 11
KBS - 23, 22, 24
Total - 104, 93, 92
Total Score: 289(PR)

Big PR (40 points) over last time. However, most of it can be explained by the KBS scores. I was rowing 14 cal/round last time so if you consider that it is about a 10 point PR.

PP destroyed me for some reason this morning!

NM said...

132+ 112+ 111= 355

I should probably subtract a few reps for my bad form on several wall ball shots and push presses. Gotta get lower on the squat portion of the wall ball shots and probably turned push presses into push jerks as I got more fatigued.

While there were a couple noticeable absences from the Big Snakes, F-Troopers, and Hurricanes (you know who you are!)...overall pretty sick efforts out there this morning.

Njc said...

100+84+90 = 274 (scaled weights)

-20 from last time I did FGB last May... great smoker though.

I wonder if Bobby slept in through the CrossFit Sectionals too?

kseki said...

Total 228

Tam said...

WB - 33, 26, 23
SDLHP - 19, 17, 12
BJ - 7, 9, 11
PP - 12, 10, 8
KBS - 15, 21, 11

Total: 234

ChadC said...

105-78-86 = 269

I was sucking hard on round 2. Missed the morning crew and could have used the push. I have a lot of work to do to get back to full capacity!

JWhips said...

134 + 120 + 108 = 362
WB - 25, 20, 15
SDHP - 25, 20, 16
BoxJump - 39, 35, 35
PP - 25, 25, 22
KBS - 20, 20, 20

Technically, this was a PR for FGB, but I made my money on the KBS becuase I only row around 13 per round. My BoxJump and PP volume was up, but my WB and SDHP were down. I would have increased by row by 4 points to have gotten a PR.

Lots of great effort this morning.

Chris said...

WB 20,19,18
SDHP 22,18,16
BJ 22,16,14
PP 17,15,16
ROW 15,11,10

WB, SDHP, and PP were more consistent. BJ and Rowing kinda blew up.
Total: 249(PR by 5)

Maj said...

did the original Fight Gone Bad before lunch.

33, 26, 21 - Wall ball
34, 20, 18 - SDLHP
33, 21, 21 - Box jump
30, 20, 18 - Push press
10, 9, 10 - Row

140, 96, 88 - Total
324 - Total score

Two biggest mistakes: rest in between transitions and setting down the weight too much.

C V said...


I just wanted to throw my two cents into the ring. I just finished up Ranger School today and wanted post some thoughts on CF and how it prepared me for the course.

Physically, nothing was overly difficult. It just sucked. I really focused on pushing the balance towards fitness as much as possible so that by the time I finished mountains and later swamps, I was still healthy and ready keep going. CF helped to strengthen my entire body so that a day of carrying the 240 in the mountains does not ruin me for the rest of the FTX like it did for some. Walking up and down mountains all day is not fun for anyone, but having legs strong and durable enough to handle it helped out alot. There is enough to worry about, especially in a leadership position, without having to fret if you can keep up the with platoon up the next mountain.
I really think that the whole body approach that CF takes helped to keep the rucksack from breaking my body down too much. I still came out much weaker than when I went in, but I had no serious injuries and still had some gas in the tank at the end.

Please hit me up via email if you have anymore questions about the specific stuff I or some of the other '09 guys did before Ranger.

But, no matter what you do, DO NOT QUIT. DO NOT QUIT. A lot of guys developed THS this year when they got cold and wet. The WP 2LT's will be working for a long time to fix a tarnished reputation because of them.

Militarily, if you payed attention during summer training, you are more than prepared for IBOLC and Ranger. The quality and organization of the training at West Point is unmatched by anything I've seen here at Ft. Benning so far.

Tex said...

This AM was a 'Fight Gone Bad.' Sleep 1, Tex 0. So, I did a WOD from the South Texas qualifier this afternoon:

15 OHS (115)
100 ft run
50 KB Snatch (53)
100 ft run
500 single under jump rope (subbed for 100 DUs)
100 ft run
50 KBS (53)
100ft Farmers walk (53lb KB)
Power Snatch (115)

Time: 16:54

Anonymous said...

Awesome! First time doing the FGB score of 246