A Little Experimentation...


We are looking to analyze the effects of adding a day of skills/flexibility development in the middle of the week.

The intent is to still keep 5 hard working WOD days a week to improve our strength and endurance, but to add a day dedicated to improving our form and efficiency.

The proposed change is to start off Monday and Tuesday with WODs, use Wednesday to train functional movements and mobility, push through Thursday and Friday with WODs, and leave one WOD to be completed on either Saturday or Sunday.

The only change to postings will be on Wednesdays, which will include either the WOD (for those who want to continue with the original 5 day cycle) or the emphasis for functional movements (for those who want to try the new cycle).

To reiterate, for those who want to continue the current 5 day schedule, or who know they will not be able to make a weekend WOD, we will continue to post a Wednesday WOD.

Post your feedback in the comments.


MikeRothenb said...

I think it would help. I'm not saying that I am any type of form expert, but in the afternoons I see a lot of people doing thrusters/squats/cleans in scary-bad form in terms of Crossfit. I feel like it would help greatly in performance gains and injury prevention. A skills session may take some time to catch on because it’s not an “intense” type of workout, but those who do it will notice a difference in their performance over time, and then the word will spread.

Adding a Saturday workout would give a little more to play with as well. On a Saturday there is more room for the occaisional longer workout rather than the time constraint on workouts before formation on weekdays. The Saturday workouts could also be a little more independent of group workouts, such as Running a 5/10k, or it could give the opportunity of doing larger scale WOD's in the spring. Such as allowing people to get into a different environment location-wise around West Point to keep it interesting.

that's my two cents.

Stroh's Lite said...

I'm really glad to see this prospective oppotunity for two reasons.

#1 the CF main site and CF Level 1 cert really pushes the 3 on, 1 off sequence. A midweek skills seminar will lean more towards this model.

#2 the CF Journal recently posted a vidoe of CrossFit Unbroken which talked about the necessity to have "training" days in the programming. The truth is, any one can do bad burbees with low injury consequences, but O-lifts need habitual and progressive form focused seminars to avoid injury. Once a week is a really great way to keep focus on form for the most technically difficult and possibly hazardous WOD's.

Good move B&G CF.

Bob said...

This is a good move. We can all use a little Squat rehab.

Remember me? I'll be back soon.

Tim Broder said...

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