Friday, 3/19/10


For time:

1 mile run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile run


JWM said...

Any of you heading to Arvin for this tomorrow? Some company for Murph would help!

NM said...

JWM, I plan on doing this at 0600 at Gillis if it's open. Should be fun...


JWM said...
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JWM said...


3:20 better than my last attempt in July. There there is still plenty of room for improvement too! Thanks to NM for literally chasing me around the last lap (as part of his cool down of course)

NM said...


JWM, thanks for sharing the suck this morning...great work.

Anonymous said...

800m run
400m run backwards

(5:32, 6:17, 6:06) 17:55.
Don't underestimate the backwards run...

Mark R said...

Did Murph on Wednesday at an Atlanta Gold's Gym as it was on the main site. What an experience:
Ran on the treadmill and constantly had to shift my push up and squat location as I was blocking some Nautilus machine. Or had to wait for the pull up bar because someone was doing cable fly's.
Regardless of my excuses I had a pitful showing of 46:12.
I have to admit I enjoyed watching everyone else doing their workouts while I ran.

Chris said...

missed a couple of days b/c of the arrival of a new baby... this may be a while before I'm back on a regular basis.

Tex said...

5 rounds:
7 pick-up tailgate jumps
6 sandbag get-ups (80lbs)