Wednesday 3/31/10

5 Day Cycle:

10 Rounds for Time:

10 Pull-ups
10 Ring dips

2/3 Day Cycle:
Overhead Press Progression (Rippetoe's Input)
Shoulder Press
Push Press
Push Jerk
Split Jerk

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Njc said...

Did the pull ups/ring dips WOD


A little THS towards the end when my grip started failing and skin started peeling. Used a blue band for rounds 7-10 of ring dips.

Maj said...

Good press progression this morning.
Also did the WOD. My ring dips got pretty ugly at the end because I was really trying to force 'em. I'll do burpees later.


JWhips said...

Worked the press progression today and then did the WOD. I'm sure my ring dips left something to be desired, but I did them. I found it faster to do one at a time with no breaks than to try and do 2 or 3 with rest in between. I think that helped.

Anyway... 9:53

kseki said...

Pullups as Rx'd, Ring Dips w/blue band

NM said...

Knocked out the Full Mission Profile WOD with the Infantry Firsties down at the River Courts...I'll let Mac post the WOD's too much for my Rock Math brain to remember.

See you all tomorrow!

Chris said...

12:50. Pullups as Rx'd. Blue bands to get through the ring dips.

Tex said...

13:13 for the WOD

Just not feeling at my max today. Giving blood really takes it out of me.

JWM said...


I had to start using blue bands furing the third round or I would still be there. THS? Check! Goat again identified? Check!

Mac said...

As NM alluded to, here's the full mission profile that those hardy-few Infantrymen knocked out this morning. The mission profile is a workout that is geared towards the physical demands of a specific mission. In this case it was conducting an infil to rescue a downed pilot, and then getting them to a pickup sight and loading them into a bird before conducting your own exfil:

*execute in a 4-man team, and all events (except pullups) are executed with a 30-40 lb rucksack

- 300 air squats
- run 200m
(after the run, one member of the team is to be carried until you get to the pullups at the end)
- 300 rucksack getups (lie on your back and get up, repeatedly)
- run 400m
- 300 rucksadk push presses
- run 400m
- buddy drag 200m
- put down the "downed pilot"
- 200 pullups

This ended up being a pretty good smoker, and taking from 0540-0630. Wanted to do 800m at the end as well, but ran out of time.

I would definitely recommend putting something like this together for your future platoons (or encouraging NCOs to do so). Army PT can become monotonous, and this breaks it up, encourages teamwork, implements some creative thinking, and gets a good workout going. Don't be constrained by pushups, situps, and a 2-mile run!

Gregg said...


EB said...


Pullups/Ring Dips as Rx'd