Friday, 3/12/10

AMRAP in 30 minutes:

5 Pull-Ups
5 Ring-Dips
15 Sit-Ups


JWM said...

Going to miss this one due to an early departure. Rowed 5000m for time tonight. 20:30.2.

kseki said...

22 as Rx'd

Mac said...

Wanted to use the weights prior to going on break, so did a different WOD that I took from a NC affiliate:

7x 95lb power snatches
7x 24" box jumps

Then did 5 rnds of 10 DUs and 10 ring dips for good measure.

Have a great time at spring break, and prep the mind and body to come back and hit it hard!

Maj said...

28 rounds right on the last second.
Needless to say I'm smoked.

I started trying pre-workout supplements for this one...seemed to me like it works. However, anyone out there that's nutrition savvy have any input on pre-workout supplements?

Have a fun spring break!

Tex said...

33 +PU+RD

Feet not held for sit-ups
Thanks to JWhips for the encouragement and form-watching during the WOD.

JWhips said...

32 +5 pull-ups That was more sit-ups than I have done colletively in probably 6 months. Tough WOD. Great job by Tex to rolling through this one. I just couldn't keep up.

I hope everyone has a great break. There will be 2xWODs each day next week so if you cannot get to a gym you should still able to do something. Also, if you go back home, check out your local affiliate.

Jimmy said...

15 rounds at 20 minutes. Needed to add some running so did a 20 minute hill run afterwards.

Gregg said...

18+ PU rds, misread that it was 10 ringdips.

NM said...

Knocked out the WOD at CF East Village (in San Diego) this morning...we did 5 rounds for time of:

5x Dead-lift at 185 lbs
10x Burpee
15x Ab mat sit-up.

Finished in 7:30. They did some interesting stuff for the warm-up...I'll have to share it when I get back.

Enjoy your break and come back safe and ready to hit it hard!

chatski said...

Did this WOD with Matt at Martinez Gym on Schofield. Subbed Knees2Elbows since we did a bangload of pullups yesterday. I think it set me up for failure on the situps as those sucked way worse than anything else. 29 rounds + K2E, 3 RDips.

I heart Black and Gold programming...