Tuesday, 3/16/10

Five rounds for time:

9 Hang Squat Clean, 155lb
3 ascents 15ft Rope Climb, legless



Anonymous said...

Did a variation of this:
5 rds
9x 155lb hanging squat cleans
9x pullups
9x ring dips

after 3rds I dropped the weight to 135lbs. 14:45. I think I'll keep this one in the future playlist.

Chris said...

18:20. Started at 115lbs. Had to scale to 105 and then 95, b/c I kept coming forward onto the balls of my feet - also reverted to hang power clean and front squat b/c I could manage that form better. Did the rope climbs, w/ legs during first round, then 5 towel pullups after the other rounds. Lots of room for gains to be made...

NM said...


Did this one at Gillis...definitely had to scale. Hang cleans (yep, I forgot the whole squat part) at 135# and for the rope climbs...well, legless didn't work out so well after the first one so did regular rope climbs for the rest.

I pretty much tried to forget about this one and decided to focus on tomorrow...

Jimmy said...

13.26. followed Mac's plan w/o the dips. Scaled to 135#. That was really hard.
ran a cool down mile at the end.

Tex said...

Didn't have a rope, so I subbed 30 tarzan pull-ups for the rope climbs. Otherwise as rx'd:


My grip was the limiting factor.