Wednesday, 3/10/10

AMRAP in 20 minutes:

5 Hand Stand Push-Ups (HSPU Variations)
10 L Pull-Ups (check here for demonstrations of Kipping Pullups)
15 Steps Walking Lunges

Post Rounds to comments.

Snatch Progression:
Bergener Warmup
Skill Transfer Exercises
Snatch Balance


JWhips said...

Cannot make it in the morning. I was looking forward to the Snatch progression. I'll need some AI later. Good luck.

Maj said...

I liked the snatch work this morning. Also did the WOD for today.

10 rounds + 5 HSPU
Those L-pull ups were rough...

Mac said...

Did PT with the future IN LTs this morning:
Run 800m
50 pullups
Run 800m
100 pushups
Run 800m
100 situps
Run 800m
100 squats
28 min (slower than last time in Sep)
Good session down at the rivercourts, although more wanna-be infantrymen need to find some motivation and get their butts out of bed.

Gregg said...

Felt great to get back to snatching.

I think Maj Mayo needs some shin guards made out of SAPI plates.

NM said...

Great snatch work this morning...thanks for the instruction, JJ.

Also did WOD...10 rounds + 5 HSPU + 2 L Pull-ups. My L Pull-ups were pretty much terrible...

JWhips said...

Did the WOD over lunch.
Scaled... 11++ +10 lunges
My shoulder still does not allow full ROM for HSPU so I put down 2x10# bumper plates next to the wall to check my depth. Hopefully next time I'll be down to 1 plate.

O'ya, L-pull ups still suck. I used a reverse grip and that seemed to help me keep my body in postion. Try it and let me know what you think.

Jimmy said...

10k with hill work. 1.04

Chris said...

10 rounds ++ 5 HSPU, 3 L-pullup. Blue bands. After 4 rounds had to finish L-pullups with jumping pullups - usually last 6-7 reps.

Gregg said...

Snatch-145x2,155,165,175(old PR)

Tex said...

Worked to max weight on DB Bench press after climbing this afternoon.
95lbs each arm (failed at 100lbs 2x)