Monday 3/22/10

Ten Rounds for Time:

3 x Weighted Pull-Ups, 45 lbs
5 x Strict Pull-Ups (Dead Hang)
7 x Kipping Pull-Ups (Alt Jumping Pull-Ups)

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Notice the scaling for the "weighted" pull-up.


Jon said...

If any of you are from the Atlanta area, or are around there at any point during breaks, check out CrossFit East Cobb--it's a solid affiliate in Marietta. Both owners are ex-Army guys...they allowed me to train there for free while I was home. Felt like I should spread the word.

AJ said...

rounds 1-4: as rx'd with 30lb db
rounds 5-6: as rx'd with 15lb db
rounds 7-10: 8 strict with blue band, 7 kipping

time - 18:47

JWM said...

Did not keep close track of details for each round. Suffice to say that it was not as Rx'd. Great WOD though and good to add some weight to the pull-ups.

Maj said...

18:01 with 45lb.

Stopped in at CrossFit Arizona over break. Not a bad place if you're ever in Casa Grande.

JWhips said...

18:58 with a 26lb kettlebell.

Nick B said...

Time: forever! scaled as my hands began to tear- good work...
looking forward to turning it up!

Anonymous said...

Worked through round 5 with the post-formation crew, and saw some seriously diminishing returns in the group, so transitioned into another WOD:

-53lb KB swings
-jumping pullups
-loop around the SUP/CMDTs house.


NM said...


Don't ever attempt to dive through two climbing ropes being whipped back and forth at a very high rate of I lost some major cool points on that move this morning.

Tam said...

All I can say is, Thanks Mac!! I needed the lil addition to our work out this morning. Not doing anything during spring break sucked!

SM said...